MUD Pro-Draft PEB Drawing Kit

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MUD Pro-Draft PEB Drawing Kit

MUD Pro-Draft PEB Drawing Kit
From MUD

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Product Description

The Martin Prodraft Parallel Straightedge Kit is the premier item in its class. The only Parallel Straightedge Board utilizing an Anti-warp Aluminum body straightedge for strength, and stability. Notice the deep ribbed strips so that the unit can be adjusted over the table edge to bring the artwork into the users lap. Each side of the unit has large knobs for adjusting the straight-edge to align with the artwork/drawing and stay parallel. Board size to24x36 inch.

Martin Universal Design, Inc. U-PEB 2436B.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2029560 in Home
  • Brand: MUD
  • Dimensions: 18.00 pounds


  • lightweight but strong
  • 24 x 36 inch top
  • superior parallel design
  • aluminum straightedge
  • can be positioned over the edge of a table

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